A fantastic approach towards the start of a year -Delhi, Nainital, Jim corbett, Rishikesh, Mussoorie and haridwar.

It was 6th January,2017, Our trip started up on a warm obligation-free morning arriving at our first destination, Delhi around 12 noon. We were commuted to a hotel where we dropped our luggage’s and refreshed ourselves. According to our schedule for the trip, the first place to visit was Sarojini Nagar, a place in Delhi famous for its market. Everyone was eager to buy things and upon reaching there, people began to do so, except for me. I had something else in mind, I wanted to meet the locals and after meeting with few of them I found that they didn’t have any financial support other than themselves, it made me curious to know how they get their source of livelihood. The conversations lasted for about 15-20 mins, I felt so enlightened and felt the need to hold on to those moments, thus I got some amazing photographs.

Shanti Bai
 Baba Harnam Muni

 The next day, two buses were hired to convey us to our second place of visit as per the trip schedule that would take us to Nainital. It was extremely cold that morning, everyone murmured as we got there. I began to dance on the streets cheerfully as I remembered what being a kid felt like. After trekking for a couple of hours, I took a couple of photos in the infamous Murad Osman photography style.

We then visited the Nainital lake, and the scenery was stunning, it seemed like it was crafted by god himself, I had never seen anything like it before. We got ice-cream’s in the cold weather despite a strong objection, later that evening we wandered on the streets of Nainital aimlessly. It was a beautiful day, we had a lot of fun.

The following morning, we left for Corbett to visit the famous Jim Corbett national park. The park is rich in its flora and fauna, famous for tigers. But unfortunately, we couldn’t see the pride of the sanctuary or any other animal, which was disappointing for all of us. To cope with the dull atmosphere after the safari, we planned to have bonfire. All of us laid surrounding the bonfire listening and singing retro songs, that was the most cherishable moment I have witnessed.



Halting there overnight next day We left for Rishikesh. As its said “Rishikesh Gaye aur river rafting nai kiya?” Yes, we seized the opportunity to raft and bounded in the river as well. “God it was freezing Cold!”. Our buses were parked about four kilometres away from the raft station, to get back to our bus we walked almost an hour, it was a bit tiring but we enjoyed. Eventually, some of us had a bad time dealing with the cold weather, so our tour coordinator had to reconsider visiting Mussoorie the very next day, as it was anticipated the temperature would fall below the freezing point which was a matter of concern.


Our group wanted to visit Mussoorie, regardless of the situation and yes, we were successful in conveying our demand. As we reached Mussoorie I could witness the natures beauty, it was spectacular. *-*We got time and freedom to explore Mussoorie which is the best blend to seize the occasion, to grab this opportunity I decided with my friend Raj and Meet to visit the Buddhist temple, while on our way to the temple we visited a shop which was run by 2 elderly people, they gifted me a Buddhist bell, it is something that will make me remember their heart and soul forever, even if I couldn’t recall their face.



Our last place of visit for this trip was Haridwar, as we started our journey we were informed about the delay of our train for about 9 hours, this was again the best time to seize the opportunity, we got an unintended chance to visit the Har-ki-Paudi. I was in a rush to witness the ritual prayer performed on the river bank of Ganga, I turned up a bit late and unluckily missed it, soon after the prayer one of the baba(saint) arrived up to me and offered me to perform the ritual, we were finally directed to the railway station to board our train back to Mumbai.


9 thoughts on “A fantastic approach towards the start of a year -Delhi, Nainital, Jim corbett, Rishikesh, Mussoorie and haridwar.

  1. Amazing…pics and the the way you described the whole journey of the trip gave me a flash back !!!🌁😍💫q👌


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