Love Matters/2 ❤

I have to say frankly, I really don’t know what love is. I just know the feeling when you get when someone you really think about, care about 24 hours, smiles back at you or always try to make you smile whenever he is with you. That I think what love is.Okay, let me take you back from where it all started. Time travel in past!!!

Hi, my name is Aashi and the guy who makes my life living heaven, is Akki! We have a sweet call name for ourselves, Aashikki! Our fathers are best friends and hence we know each other since birth, literally! Our family spends time during different festivals. That is where we learn what friendship really means.

Let me tell you where we first met each other and end up realizing we are madly in love. It sounds filmy but I actually realized my love for him in 9th grade, I had injured my knees and had this huge plaster that I had to limp around the whole time. It was Diwali season, and our families were going to visit a temple for blessing. But obvious I was walking slowly due to my plaster and I was the slowest in the whole group, that made me very furious and frustrated as I was the last one to reach the temple steps. That was the moment when I first notice akki properly, that he was beside me walking slowly with the same pace as mine. That is when he said “tension mat le, there dhere dhere waha jaenge. Saath me”. That line made my heart skip a beat, and I thought to myself, this is a kind of person I would love to spend my life with and that person will be him only, Akki!

That day, our families were talking to each other & greeting. And here we are, akki and me sitting in a corner, just talking. I don’t remember what our conversation were as it really didn’t matter at that time. I was just savoring the moment with him; it was out of the world feeling. It was really special for me to even care what is going around, my words can’t describe that particular piece of time. I got the feeling then, it was him, only he and no one can ever be like him.

Like normal people, we started to talk over texts, confined to be honest for the time being. Later, Sankrant day was following, my family visited their home as always! Let me make one thing clear, I am not good at flying kites, AT ALL! So, I was just sitting aside, getting bored, doing nothing. Then, I saw akki struggling with his kite and manja. So, I went to him and asked him if he needed any help. He said he indeed needed help with manja. The next thing you know, I am spending the entire day standing beside him while he is flying kite. He taught me few tricks to fly kites, despite my continuous failures. I guess his all teaching to fly kites were in vain. He is the cutest person I have ever met. Adorable beyond words, that’s him!

In no time, we became best of friends, more than friends to be honest. We both actually knew we liked each other, maybe loved each other too, but we were still not confessing it. Until 17th April 2011 at 11AM, he calls me out of blue and says the three magic words, “I.LOVE.YOU.” I actually thought it was a friendly kind of iloveyou and laughed it off, but he said “NOOO! Not that way, I really love you”. The next second a tear started to roll down my cheek and I said it back that “I love you too”. Since then, it is 5 years now that we are together, strong, supportive, mad for each other, adorable and immensely together in this journey of life and struggle.

I would suggest everyone to express your feelings to the ones who you feel you will be happy ever after before it is too late. Who knows you will have your own fairytale to tell and mine is the favorite, hehe! 

P.s: Happy Birthday Ashima☺


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