Love matters❤

They say, love is at first sight, and that is exactly what happened with me. It was like lightning struck me when I saw her. Best feeling one can ever get.My name is Akki and the girl I love is, Aashi! Damn, everytime I say her name, I get a jolt through my body. We were family friends, today it is whole different story as we are in a strong relationship.

The first time I was with her, we were just sitting talking random stuff about school and life. That is when I started to feel good for her; I actually thought to myself “do I like her”. Her smile, her innocence, her beautiful voice, everything about her made me feel love towards her, EVERYTHING! It was like, the whole world has gone somewhere and here we are alone talking to each other, like nothing out this space matters. From that day, we started texting each other, and yes we text a lot. We slowly started to know each other and days passed.

On the day of makarsankranti, my parents invited their parents for celebration. Love for kites, never ends for me, I love flying kites, and it becomes more special when you have that one person standing right behind you, helping you with your manja department. That day was the best day of my life. As it was the day when this all started, I mean my love story with aashi! Not single days pass without a phone call or text. That particular time we were not dating or were not in a relationship, but we acted like a real BF-GF would be.

We fought, we loved, we laughed, we cared, everything we did, and we shared and made the best moment out of any. We were so close, but the fact was, we didn’t yet confess our feelings. Here, I was sitting in bathroom, thinking (all know that ever person can think peacefully in bathroom), that time it struck me, that she was the one and everything between was good, even she was feeling the same for me, so without wasting a single second I texted her and confessed everything I had to say to her. I proposed her in text and we officially for into a relationship on 17th April, 2011.

It has been 5 years now, since I proposed and love between has not faded but grown stronger and still grows strong every passing day. We give each other surprise, do pranks, we fight pathetically but it does end in cries. I do believe a successful relationship stands on the pillar of communication and even if you are fighting, there is nothing that can be resolved by words and sharing. Once that stops, lies steps in and the whole relationship worsens.

I dedicate this share to aashi. 

From, part of your life, Aashikki.


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