URI ATTACKS- Things India Never Talked About

Feelings ,Thoughts , Undiscussed matters & a tribute .

The recent attack on the Indian army  near the town of  Uri , Jammu and Kashmir,has left a mark on the entire nation . Though many problems took place in the past  during Pathankot , Kargil war , Indo – china  and even the 26/11 attack,  the Uri  attack  is therefore to be known as, the most disturbing ambush terror attack to ever  be heard off .

India itself shook worse than an earthquake, on 18th September 2016.  It was the day the attack took place, leaving 17 of our brave soldiers murdered and about 19 to 30 soldiers left injured . The battle began at around 5;30 am  between our Indian soldiers and the 4 terrorists  which lasted up to 6 hours leaving the camp and it’s tents fired  with grenade pieces  and bloodshed . The soldiers anyhow managed to get the situation under control and finished off the 4 terrorists and did well in avenging their comrades and kept safe the border as we call the ‘THE LINE OF CONTROL ‘ . But still, today the entire nation moans for the loss of those  17 brave  Indian soldiers that we call ‘ Jawans ‘ .  While one calls  the attack the  deadliest of all in Kashmir over a decade, the other says it’s the worst hit India and it’s  army has every taken . There is no doubt that, the families and the nation too are sadly broken and disturbed  on loosing their loved ones, who fought for the protection of the country . But at the same time they wanted action to be taken,  against those who were responsible for the attack and it’s supporters. After 10 days  the surgical strikes were performed, and Pakistani artist were  sent back home to Pakistan .  Along with theses requests also came up, the saddest and most upsetting stories of theses soldiers lives and the problems they went through while they were on field fighting  back  against the terrorists . On the other side, tensions for  and by their families were there but also   facing problems related to financial status  too . The families were only waiting for their loved ones to return back home . The  17 did return home. But, as martyrs and a brave memory that would never be forgotten . Condolences were given, financial support was given but did anyone think,  WHAT AND  HOW MUCH IS LOST   ?

Me or you  may not be able to become soldiers, as it takes great bravery and real guts to get on the battle field and give back an answer  to the enemy. Believing, honouring and  by respecting them is what we as citizens of India can do best .

The journo project  soon brings to the nation and it’s people, The  Uri Attacks  along with a few discussions on  things which India never spoke about .We present to you discussions with many people on the 9th of November 2016 .


Speakers at this discussion is an army officer , a journalist , a psychologist , a Buddhist , a martyr soldier’s family  .  The discussion from an investors point of view is even taken for the first time since inflation and the market are related to even the fields of defense and medical that is utilized most heavily by the Indian army force . then we have got tribute messages from celebrities and citizens of India who were also shaken and disturbed by just hearing about the Uri Attack that took place on 18th September 2016 near the town of Uri , Baramulla district , jammy and Kashmir .

Keep checking out our blog and sending messages as were about to put up many posts and the journo group hopes you’ll like it and understand that, this is a tribute ,respect and honor to  the Indian army force who  protects us with their lives , no matter what they have to do . The journo project salutes them for their work .

Can Ideas Run Wild Without A Discussion ?

Discussion is most required when it comes to knowing or finding out of an answer to solve our problems . Problems could be anything, and discussions can be taken from different point of views, leaving everyone electrified with a light bulb floating on the top of their heads about what they never even thought off or even discussed about .

The discussion in this documentary shows various people’s views where at the beginning we have a soldiers life and  frustration leading to how would he cope with his problems and stress. Knowing a Buddhist  who brings us  talks on philosophy of   love ,friendship  , that brings the words of requests , that’s peace and harmony  by the citizens of the nation. Our little Buddhist  Philosopher also shares his experiences with us .

Instead of asking questions, finally we make ‘A journalist ‘answer questions along with his experiences with a few talk about Kashmir  and Bollywood issues that arose earlier .Trust me ! His words speaks volumes .

‘The Law’  if broken leads to punishment .  Laws have also being enacted by national security  to that’s discussed by  a Bombay court lawyer.Where also, we have a  financier with talks on provision of  infusion of cash  and talks on businesses and the market and stock exchanges that shows it’s relations to Uri and the surgical strikes and even more .

The journo project presents to you a dashing daring trailer of the Uri attacks , along with things India never talked about before . Many of you will have curiosity , even more than me to know what are the talks going to be about ?  The journo project has left a hint and trailer today , be conscious and drill the fact into your minds that were coming soon to show you things a normal man or woman  never thought about .


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