Infinity And Beyond💕

How it all started/2❤️️

“Do you want to hang out tomorrow?” I was freaking out, what would I tell at home, does this mean she wants to see me? I say yes, blindly, without anything figured out, all I knew is that I had to be meet her…


Yes? We are meeting up! She has asked me out! Oh god I can’t imagine how it will be? Will she just want to hang out as friends? Does she want to be with me more than friends but less than boyfriend. I can tell you how I feel and what how I faced the situation, but it is you who can experience it, Even today thinking about the time makes me blush. All I knew at that moment Was that I just had be with her. I believe she is my soulmate.
CRAP! What do I say at home? Where will I take her? I think I can just tell that I am meeting up with friends at home, Yes. That will work. And I can just ask her what the best place around town is, Lunch dates are always nice.

I feel so stupid now that I think about the time, going to meet her in those crowded trains, in that insane heat, and those uncomfortable feelings of possibly getting lost because you are not from this town. But I knew that seeing her would be worth all this trouble.

I finally get there, The most gorgeous person with the most beautiful smile was waiting for me. She is not only an angel, she is divine to me. The most amazing person was there, just to see me. Meeting her had me in the clouds, but what made me go nuts was when we went out for a date. Lunch dates are the best. Looking at her in the bright sunlight, her hair scintillating in the bright sunlight, the cold breeze of the wind seemed to whisper in my ears, the birds singing, our eyes meet. I am not nervous anymore, she has opened up to me and I felt like I knew her for years. The most amazing thing about the date was, her. Plain and simple. She was amazing, I was officially in love. The view from the rooftop where we were dining was gorgeous, but she was like a goddess. I just wished I could hold her hand, I could just wish I could hold her. I would love to kiss her. That is the thing, I knew that I wanted to be with her, but did she? OH HELLA YES! She asked me to walk her home. While we are walking, we get more and more intimate with each other with our talks. Without even knowing, I just held her and, and she didn’t pull back. She actually got a better grip. On our way, we decide to stop and adore the view, but I did not want to look at the scenery, I wanted to adore her. And I do, Appreciating the gorgeous sunset, Heart pumping with anxiousness, but holding her hand calmed me down, I lean in< our eyes meet, we fall in love with our eyes, And in that moment, we were infinite.

P.S. Image is for representation purpose only.


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