Walk In The Sky✨

How it all started/1❤️️

She was sitting across the room. Less than ten feet away. I cant stop but think about how gorgeous she is. She is like an angel. So glorified that I can’t help but think that she is out of my league. The extreme rush of indescribable emotions that ran through my mind. Within ten seconds, I was instantly in love. From that moment, I knew that i had to be with her. But she was such a queen, I just could not imagine her making me a part of her life. Whilst I was falling in love with her, She was effortlessly stealing my heart. I was still trying to get my heart around this, and all of a sudden, we share eye contact. OH GOD! SHE IS SMILING AT ME!!! GOSH, WHAT DO I DO?? DO I SAY SOMETHING? DO I SMILE BACK? SHOULD I LOOK AWAY? UGH, HELP!!!!!!!!!!! There it was, I was freaking out but I could not let her know. I had to just suppress my emotions. Before I could pull myself back together, she said “Hey” three letters, one word, a formal greeting, and informal conversation starter, that tiny little sound has me insane about her. Lets play calm, just talk to her say it! “hey, how are you?” good, that was decent. Just don’t mess it up. We have some small talk, we talk about college, and work. But the highlight of the night was when we exchanged numbers.
YES!! We exchanged number!!!! WOOO!!! And all of a sudden, I was floating in the air. She had managed to fatter my heart, break down my walls, become my thought, and make my dream come true. I was so deep in love that even if i wasn’t a part of her life, she’d be a part of my life. We text, all day, stay up late at night to talk to each other. There it was, we had shared thoughts, had a more intimate relationship than strangers, almost friends. And there it is, she texted me, “Do you want to hang out tomorrow?” I was freaking out, what would I tell at home, does this mean she wants to see me? I say yes, blindly, without anything figured out, all I knew is that I had to be meet her.
To be continued….


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