My life, pretty good as it is but it took a turn on 18th of August. I left him a text asking “30th ko tera birthday hai?!”. Though it was just a normal text but the feeling, that excitement for that day’s chat still has the chills of something cute, lingering around me. Our friendship started 52 days ago, and people do say getting this much attracted to someone is just a fantasy in such a short time of friendship but me & him became very close friends. To be honest we liked each other one some point. It is hard to believe that such thing is not possible as I have seen with my own eyes, my best friends breaking up, considering that they had more time with their relationship. On one hand I feel I am just attracted to him and on other hand I feel like I want to preserve our priceless relation.

Me and him had normal days, like best friends have, again considering the fact that we both were attracted to each other until we went on a fresher’s party. The most admiring thing about him on that particular day was that he himself suggested me what to wear for the party and also asked me to suggest him what he should wear?! It was kind of cute. Later that night, I was so drunk that I could barely walk and he being a total gentleman dropped me home, took care of me like a real friend would do.

We used to talk a lot, every single day, used to share everything, even if it was something sad. Sad because sharing my family’s life was bit emotional for me but I stayed strong and told him my thoughts. He knew back then, I used to sob and cry whenever such sad thoughts came up in my mind, even when we met in person. The most sweetest thing he did was that he offered his hanky when I cried.

He made me feel like, I had someone I can trust on and share my thoughts freely. I never wanted to persuade him for other thing. It was just him, something special, throwing rope around me not letting me go, yes, I think a lot. If some day, I ask him to wait for me, then he won’t ask me for a reason, but will trust me until I am done with the deed. He is a very sorted guy, straightforward, blunt, possessive, honest, upfront and short-tempered. The only thing about him is, he is not insomniac. I can’t pass a day without seeing or even without talking with him.

Our friendship means a lot to me, he is a best friend no one can have. A guy best friend every girl should have, as he will pamper you during hard time and even take care of you time to time. My best friend is my whole world, I see him as my center of universe. He makes me really happy, being around him I feel at peace. We are like panda-penguin, an ultimate bond. Everything about him, from his friends to when he met my family, each moment was special for me.

My best friend for life is my starting and ending point. He is possessive, because whenever he sees a picture of me with a guy, he gets insecure. That’s the best thing about him. He always make me walk on the left side of the road, share his chocolates and only share with me, no one else! Gives a short call to me just to say that he misses me. Me and him had priorities before we entered each other’s life, but now he is the only priority for me. We would do anything to make our days better and worth while. Sometimes, he might get frustrated but me being with him would calm him. He will always pull my cheeks, ALWAYS! The best reward I can get from him is when he pulls my cheeks and smiles back at me.

Life is never stable for anybody, yes, we both had ups and downs but during those time keeping ego and attitude aside used to solve as cutely as possible. None of us would give up on each other because this is what a destined partner feels like. We have craziest chat to cutest chat, that panda-penguin bond is actually helping us to get more close and so is the respect for each other has gradually increased every passing day. I really hope that destined partner is true, as I am waiting for it and I hope It favors us. One chance is all I am asking.

Time has passed with a blink of an eye, great bond were created between two strangers. I am at a stage where I trust him more than myself, we have a bond which is unbreakable. We can go to any extent just to be together, because panda loves penguin forever no matter what.

Now I am at a stage where I trust him more than myself . we have established a bond of friendship which is unbreakable. And in order to be together we can both go to any extent. As panda loves penguin forever no matter.


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